Saturday, April 26, 2008

Farseer Physics

I've been playing with the Farseer Physics engine lately. It's a physics engine for XNA and Silverlight. I've been toying with the idea of a game involving spiderman-like web swinging. You have a character, and he can fire a grappling hook from either hand. He the uses this mechanism to swing about. What I've got so far is a box that can fire a single grappling hook and swing about the screen. It's taken me 3 hours or so to get this far (which i think is pretty quick), and I attribute the quick spin-up to how easy the Farseer engine is to use.

The only gripe i have is that it has basically zero documentation. And since this code has been around since 2006, I'm gonna guess no documentation is coming any time soon. The good news is they provide quite a bit of sample code, and the guy who wrote it seems to reply to just about every question people can think of on the codeplex boards.

Either way, i'm having some fun. I'll post some code when I get there.

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